4 habits to break before you have children

4 habits to break before you have children

4 habbits to break before you have children

When you are young and single, your life is about having fun. In this experimental phase it’s inevitable that we pick up bad habits. As responsible people, we try to prevent our offspring from emulating these acts. In this post I am going to share with you 4 habits to break before you have children


All those 4 letter words that we throw around so casually have got to come to an end. In your child’s first months your child is like a sponge absorbing all the things that you do. On the road to learning how to talk, as a parent you want to make sure your kids first words are not profanity. Also you need to start paying attention to the ratings of the shows you watch around them if you want to nip swearing in the bud. Many shows that as adults we have become comfortable with, contain much course language and can be very impressionable to young minds that are constantly absorbing everything. If cursing isnt a huge deal for you, then this may not need to be adjusted in your life.


This one year can be tough. After all, for some a morning cigarette helps to start the day. If you can, quitting cigarettes will be the best in the long run. Children not only see their parents smoking and may give them the idea to try it, but are also feeling the effects of second hand smoke. This includes tobacco products as well as recreation drugs, now is a good time to set a standard for what is appropriate behavior.

Staying up late

If your a night owl, you may want to consider making a more reasonable schedule. The unfortunate truth is your baby doesn’t care about your schedule. Babies get up whenever they feel like it. That means that you will have to get up whenever they feel like it too. It is normal to feel groggy as a new parent. Getting up in the middle of the night is crucial when trying to sooth a fussy baby.


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